The Creature's children's company, The Ephyras, features dancers ranging in age from 7 to 13. The Ephyras train in the ways of the Creature: they learn precise technique, including physical and technical modern dance moves, as well as improvisation and composition. The Ephyras’ training also emphasizes music, vocalization and harmony, integrating these aspects into their work in a style akin to the Creature. They are partners and collaborators, working together to expand their ideas of what dance and theater are and can be. The Ephyras' different backgrounds and previous training combine to build a company that reflects their individuality and collective energy. The Ephyras are an integral part of The Creature and we're so excited for their future!

If you are interested in enrolling your child in The Ephyras classes or other dance classes taught by ChristinaNoel and her Creatures, please contact us using the form below for more information.

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Summer Intensive 2017

Summer Intensive 2017


The Ephyras

THe Kids

12 years old (January 30), MS 447

She loves to rock climb. She likes dance bc it’s a way to show a lot of expression without using words. She likes that The Ephyras are also acting and singing and some parts are super silly and some are super serious. She feels like she knows everyone really well. And she likes that we talk about political issues. Hobbies: gymnastics, politics and social activism; her fave movie is Zootopia. 

Ben Noesen
9 years old, PS 316

13 years old (August 30), STAR at Erasmus

She’s an all around artist and her favorite color is chocolate.  Dance in general she loves because she gets to move and express her inner feelings through dance and she gets to move her body and she loves music and dancing to music. In the Ephyras she likes that she gets to be with her friends and meet new people and she gets to perform with not just dance but singing and lots of other art forms in the dances and there are always brownies at the Galas. Hobbies: drawing, cheerleading, dance a lot, chorus, and she watches YouTube and TV.

6 Years Old, PS 321

10 years old (March 26), PS 321

Lulu likes to swim every Saturday and has an awesome little sister Lettie. She likes that she can move her body and do very creative things. Lulu likes that we have lots of text in our performances. She likes that we collaborate with each other. She likes that Miss Christina is always willing to do what we suggest.  Hobbies: running, swimming, jump roping, dance, learning, reading.

10 years old, PS 10

11 years old (April 10), MS 88

In general she likes that dance is a really fun experience because you can express yourself and no one’s going to judge you. She likes that with The Ephyras you never know what to expect and it’s not just the teacher who’s building the work, we are building it with Miss Christina. You never know when someone’s going to say some random thing and then BOOM Miss Christina makes it part of the dance!!  Hobbies: writing, sports, sewing, hanging out with her friends, and working on the comic book business that she started. 

10 years old (July 15), Hannah Senesh Academy

Tamara has a twin brother, Daniel. In general she likes dance because it is fun to improvise and play with your body in this creative way. She likes to work with Miss Christina because we always have lots of jokes and laugh a lot. It's fun to hang out together. She likes the Ephyras because we are always very creative and dramatic and it’s fun to express ourselves through dance and voice in this way. She likes to sing while dancing. Hobbies: singing, dancing, sports.

10 years old, Mark Twain Middle School