2016 | 60 Minutes

Aeric Meredith-Goujon (Composer/Bass/Drum Loops), ChristinaNoel Reaves (Voice), Cameron Mizell (Guitar), and Live Vocalization by Dancers

Flamboyán Theater at The Clemente (NYC)

5 Dancers
MK Hartung, Madeline Irmen, Jonathan Matthews, Jasmin Simmons, and Amadi Washington

Adam Greene

A semi-theatrical dance piece, Belly makes a panoptic review of our treatment of others. Through forced interactions around a dinner table, The Creature’s fluctuating proximity juxtaposes closeness and camaraderie with the inability to fully realize empathy for other human beings. Through both comedic and tragic lenses, Belly scopes the depths of white privilege and institutional racism. In the end the question becomes; how can we continue to reorganize our perceptions and differences to reach mutual understanding?