May 11-13, 2017 | 60 Minutes

Aeric Meredith-Goujon (Composer/Bass/Drum Loops), ChristinaNoel Reaves (Voice), Cameron Mizell (Guitar), and Live Vocalization by Dancers

The Irondale Center (NYC)

6 Dancers
Tyler Curry, Madeline Irmen, Holly Ledbetter, Michele Lee, Jonathan Matthews, and Audrey Rachelle

Abigail Hoke-Brady

The Creature’s fifth season opens with an exciting new dance theater piece titled but, love, the latest collaboration between ChristinaNoel Reaves, Aeric Meredith-Goujon, Cameron Mizell, and The Creature cast, utilizing the unique blend of dance and voice performance Reaves has developed as a signature of her company. This work explores individuality in a time of ever-increasing polarization. What is our place in this society? Can we influence change, or is the inertia of divide simply too much? The Creature performers dance, act, and sing through confrontations with each other and their own psyche, sometimes with dramatic tension, sometimes with comic relief, always with breathtaking artistry.

What exists that “deserves to be pursued with that passionate ardor which drives us to violate the rules or to corrupt the future tranquility of our minds, either by shame from the remembrance of our own folly, or by remorse from the horror of our own injustice.” – Adam Smith

“News guy wept and told us,
Earth was really dying
Cried so much his face was wet,
Then I knew he was not lying...
...and all the fat-skinny people, and all the tall-short people
And all the nobody people, and all the somebody people
I never thought I'd need so many people” – David Bowie