• Teatro LATEA (map)
  • 107 Suffolk Street
  • New York, NY, 10002
  • United States

For their seventh annual full-length performance, ChristinaNoel & The Creature presents SUGAR. This dance theatre piece is the latest collaboration between ChristinaNoel Reaves, Aeric Meredith-Goujon, and The Creature cast, utilizing their trademark blend of dance and voice performance that Reaves has developed as a signature of her company.

May 8, 10, 11 @ LATEA Theater at The Clemente Center 
107 Suffolk Street, NY

Tickets Available Now!

Each performance will have a different lineup: 
Wed @ 8 The Creature feat. Carlos A. Cruz-Velázquez 
Fri @ 8pm The Creature feat. Nat Osborn 
Sat @ 1pm The Epyras* 
Sat @ 7:30 The Creature feat. The Ephyras 
*Youth company exclusive performance feat. The Creature as guest artists

ChristinaNoel Reaves will also be teaching a workshop** Friday May 10, 1pm - 3pm. Artists will explore The Creature's signature blend of dance, voice, and theatre, and will learn songs and phrase work from SUGAR. 
**5/10 Dance Workshop + Ticket Combo: Admission to the workshop and SUGAR for only $30!

"Once upon a time, there were three fears: papa fear, mamma fear, and baby fear. all were too hot, too cold, too hard, too soft…and yet somehow, also just right.


I'm not really sure how I fit but there is always a space for me. I can’t fix all of this but I pick up the pieces and lay them out in order. I follow the recipe, remember my lines. It’s not what I expected and vengeance is sweet but useless.

Made from 87% recycled glass, I am strong wild and free but I will not be familiar and I’m composing myself as fast as I possibly can then making fun of the alternate self I embody, then running to catch up with it and apologize. Like I’ve been here before, I follow these lines, screaming sweet nothings, blown out of proportion...

dealing with gentleness clumsily, fingers always too slippery, gestures always too grand. I never wanted to be called romantic! 
this certainty's a little death, a little sweet, a little sour.

I'm hugged and left for dead, but somehow I haven’t missed a beat, flying through concentric circles of reason and doubt, wondering aloud if I’m okay and who decides what’s okay. Doesn’t that seem a bit drastic? Because who is who? Are you one or am I speaking to all of you? I’m expecting to be held while getting away with dropping..."