Rapture of The Heroine (guurrrl) is a five woman dance theater piece and an homage to female camaraderie and the power of an individualʼs resilience and determination; especially when feeling the support of friends. Rapture was originally choreographed on Zoetic Dance Ensemble of Atlanta and is loosely based on ChristinaNoelʼs personal experience with this dance company over the past 10 years. Using comedy and tragedy expressed through the body and the voice, the women reflect their personal relationship with identity and definitions of heroism.

Quinn Batson
Theo Boguszewski

December, 2013 | 40 minutes

4 women
Elizabeth Beres, Joanna Futral, Tara Nicolas, ChristinaNoel Reaves

Jan Hus Church (NYC)

April, 2013 | 50 minutes

Zoetic Dance Ensemble collaboration with ChristinaNoel Reaves

5 women
Mallory Baxley, Joanna Futral, Ellen Tshudy-McCollister, ChristinaNoel Reaves, Amanda Thompson

This Will Destroy You, Primus, Chopin, Queen, Jonsi, New Villager

Southwest Arts Center (Atlanta, GA)

May, 2013 | 50 minutes

5 women
Elizabeth Beres, Clare Cook, Joanna Futral, Casey Loomis, Tara Nicolas  

This Will Destroy You, Primus, New Villager

Teatro La Tea (NYC)