2011 | 20 Minutes

6 Dancers

Elizabeth Beres, Ben Wolk, Clare Cook, Lonnie Poupard, Jr., Casey Loomis, Jeremy “Jae” Neal

Primus and Live Vocalization

Dixon Place (NYC)

There’s A Beast In Me creates a microcosm of heightened extremes, provoking the audience to contemplate the tension between the security of self-control and the enticement of chaos. The composition seen and heard challenges the viewer’s ideas about an unusual synthesis of movement and vocalization. Using choreography, song, and speech both formal and feral, the six dancers exhibit age-old tensions faced by individuals operating within a community. The performers traverse joys and frustrations experienced through interpersonal relationships; and they reflect and explore the function and merit of contrasting ideas within social behavior. In one moment appearing barbaric and crass, and in the next, calculated and controlled, the characters evolve and retrogress through expressions of femininity and masculinity. The result is a story that is both strained and playful.

Review from OffOffOff.com